Acne Laser and Light Treatments

About Treatments

Laser and light treatments show great promise in treating acne.  Some patients with severe acne cysts have seen clearing for years when laser therapy was added to their treatment plan.  No one laser or light treatment can treat pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, acne cysts, and acne nodules.  That’s why different types of lasers and light therapies are used to treat acne.


Most people see clearing and noticeable reduction in acne.  Results do vary, however, studies have shown that multiple treatments deliver significantly better results than just one treatment.  Patients typically see the best results weeks after their last treatment. Studies have shown that after photodynamic therapy had 50% fewer spots at the end of the 4-week treatment period. Twelve weeks after the last treatment, they had a 72% reduction.

Follow Up Treatments

Results from laser and light therapies are generally long lasting.  To maintain results, some patients need follow up treatments once or twice a year.

Side Effects

Redness and swelling are common after treatment with many lasers and light treatments.  Mild side effects may include skin stinging or burning which will disappear within a few hours or by the next day.  For most treatments the chance for any side effects can be greatly reduced by following the after care instructions given to you at the time of treatment.  Most laser and light treatments require that the patient avoid sunlight for 48 hours after treatment.

Blue, Red, and Blue+Red LED Light Devices

Blue, red, and blue+red light devices are called visible light because you can actually see the colors.  These devices are used to treat pimples.

Smoothbeam Laser

The Smoothbeam is a laser treatment used to treat acne, pimples, cysts, hidradenitis suppurativa, and acne scarring on the face and back. The Smoothbeam laser alters the function of the oil-producing sebaceous glands. After 1-3 treatments it has been shown to reduce breakouts and scarring.

Blue Light IPL

The Blue Light IPL is an intense pulsed light system paired with bi-polar radio frequency that penetrate the skin to target and destroy acne causing bacteria. This treatment has shown to reduce active acne lesions and speed the healing time of existing acne.